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SN50#2 – Ruben | Gang of Ducks

SN50#2 – Ruben


Sn50 is an editorial project conceived and curated by Gang of Ducks collective.
Each issue an artist is invited to develop a zine on a theme of their own choice, using original or found materials.
In collaboration, Gang of Ducks reinterprets the artist’s selected content by designing the layout of the zine.
This process creates a visual dialogue between the artist and the collective with the aim to mesh ideas and visions.

This publication comes from Ruben’s visual modi cation of a SuperCollider’s code.
The artist played with the graphical potential of an electronic sound code, modifying its font , colour, and size.
Stretching the natural synergy between image and sound, the result is a crypted algorithm made of signs, letters, smiles, and images.
This text could potentially be played.
The code is in fact part of Lag OS audiovisual project based on the idea of an imaginary landscape. As he de ned it, Lag OS is “A mysterious swamp that bridges ambient and aquatic textures with dysfunctional club music.”
The musical code seems now trap in translation by the use of uncommon fonts. At the same time the code gained a new visual element that added a layer to its initial musical idea.

Ruben Patino
Ruben Patino (Barcelona, 1979) works in the eld of Electronic Music and Visual Arts. In his practice he explores the limits of concert, public event and installation, while focusing on sculptural properties of synthetic sound. His interest lies in the audio- visual creative potential of programing environments and algorithmic composition. Besides his individual practice he collaborates with different artists.
Such as N.M.O. together with percussionist Morten J Olsen. With N.M.O.they operate in a hybrid territory between club music, performance and inventive forms of sound spatialisation.
With Arnau Sala he explores the possibilities of using monochromatic video and lights in relation to sound in a club music context. Together with Roc Jime?nez de Cisneros he has been working on a series of multi-channel audio pieces that uses an extremely rigid temporal structure.

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