Quicksails – The Bright


1. Flinch 03:51
2. Aware 03:57
3. The Bright 04:07
4. Purge 03:19
5. My Moon 02:31
6. My Moon (Brett Naucke Remix) 05:11
7. The Bright (Khaki Blazer Remix) 04:34
8. Purge (Shit & Shine Remix) 04:06

For the second installation of the limited catalogue GODCUTS, we are happy to present 5 original Quicksails’ tracks with 3 remixes by Brett Naucke, Khaki Blazer and Austin favourite Shit&Shine.
Ben Billington aka Quicksails is a polyedric musician very active in the Chicago scene, with a stringful of releases on different labels, among them the mighty Mayville Dream on Spectrum Spools.
On side A he explores the world existing between electronic and acoustic, with very unique and interesting results, not actually comparable to other stuff we’ve already heard. Check the clips to listen to what we’re talking about.
On side B his Spectrum Spools colleague Brett Naucke transforms My Moon in a cybernetic dream, while Khaki Blazer goes on a different direction, moving toward a 4-legs transgenic footwork.
Closing the ep is the remix version of Craig Clouse, who puts the original version in his special washing machine for a heavy laundry that gives you back everything way more dirty.
**Available in a non-specified number of copies, these releases are hand-cut on vinyl by the label itself.
Vinyls are all transparent, without the paper center label but with a white silk screen design + hand stamped cat. number.
They will also come with a brand new series of cover artworks designed by Airbag studio, realised with white silk-screen print on black paperboard.
On the inside, an internal sleeve with another artwork + all the info about the release.**



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