Dave Saved – Power and Silence: Deindustrialization


1. Power and Silence 03:03
2. No Lights 02:48
3. Virtual Feelings 04:41
4. Random Souls Fluidity 03:45
5. Power and Silence (Aisha Devi Mindworker Rework) 06:15
6. Virtual Feelings (G.O.D. Rework) 04:28

Wind, sand, storm.
When everything gets dirt new senses arise.
Power and Silence lights up and heat up…then a dark
fall, holding tight to a cardiac metronome , climbing grooves perfectly aligned to harmonious dissonances.
This sand is less thick and overreaches a shout, Aisha Devi breaks thru accompanied by swirls of basses and hypnotics tom.
The gang observes everything from the middle of the desert.

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